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The BPS regulate its members through a Code of Practice under which psychologists are not able to use testimonials from clients they have worked with, which is considered part of ethical practice. For this reason Chartered Psychologists refrain from the use of client or other testimonials. Where clients make public statements about themselves and those with whom they have worked, the psychologist has no control of such statements. Thus statements below are not made.

Whilst it is accepted that without such testimonials potential clients may not have as much information as they might wish, it takes 7 years on average for psychologists to qualify with a substantial practice element. It is hoped that the BPS and Health Professions Council (HPC) who now regulate psychologists offer public protection and a demonstration of competence. Those seeking sport psychology support where websites make use of testimonials should consider whether they are in fact regulated.

" When Phil came to the club we hadn't won a game for 8 weeks. His presence and ease of manner helped the playing squad and coaching team accepted him readily." "He surprised us in raising awareness of the taken for granted things, especially how we communicated." " The players felt supported through difficult times and he helped them believe that their efforts would bring results...and they did!"

"Everyone should have a Phil Johnson look at your life now and again. I was astonished what could be achieved online. My eyes have been opened and I'm now really focussed on what is important. Considering we haven't even met it's the best fifty quid I've ever spent."

Phil Johnson Chartered Psychologist

August 2009