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 Winning is fun

 Winning is fun

 Winning is fun

 Winning is fun

“So little is required to be successful in sport. It’s certainly mostly a matter of psychology and in the end it’s that psychological difference that decides whether you win or lose”

Sven Goran-Eriksson

Services Overview

Managers & Coaches

Communications "Lost in Translation"

Psychology support and assessment could be an added element to your own performance and those of support staff. Coaches are the most influential people in a team environment and enhancing their performance, lifts the team and the individuals that contribute to it. Thus self improvement could be crucial. "So often I come accross coaches whose communications are simply lost in translation, and neither the coach or the player will admit to it, or sometimes even recognise it, maintaining poor performance"

Players & Athletes

1:1 Via Skype with Complete Confidentiality

We may all consider that increasing performance is the optimal goal in sport. However, in my experience it is not only how you do that but from what perspective you start with that can make the difference. Research (Moore & Gardner 2006) demonstrates that dealing with such issues as addiction, lifestyle problems (relationships, financial management) can significantly interfere with player performance. Resolution of these areas requires deeper and more complex consideration that direct mental skills training (MST). Evidence from Moore 2006 indicates how effectively resolving lifestyle issues will often facilitate improvements in performance beyond expected levels.

Football Agents and Sport Agents

Looking after and investing in players and athletes

I have started to work with agents to provide supplimentary support to their clients who might find themselves in a variety of circumstances requiring change or guidance. Foreign players require adaptation to not only UK culture, English language, sport culture, change in accomodation, job and work colleagues are well known potential stressors. Moving house and moving job constitute 2 out of the five main stressors, add birth, death or marriage/partnership to any of those and there is a likelihood or significant stress. Psychologists can help deal with these issues, especially where the sport context is fully appreciated.

Lifestyle issues, addiction, financial problems, relationship difficulties, loss of contract, injury, under-performing are common features of elite sport. We can assist agents to provide for their clients a focussed and customised intervention that will enable players and athletes reverse a cycle of negativity, manage time and nutrition well and ultimately reduce unwanted distress and distractability.

Such approaches will enhance the service and profile of agents, but ultimately will create a win win solution for agent, client and club alike.

Sport Psychologists in Training: BPS Stage 2

As Masters students and PhD students require professional accreditation Phil Johnson is an accredited Stage 2 supervisor. For those sport psychologists in training, Phil offers a deep understanding of athletes as people, and works within a systemic and holistic framework.

Look out for the new Mental Skills Training programme!

Coaching Psychology: Personal or Business Environment

Small and large companies are often looking for the 'edge' when considering either their market position or simply performance within the organisation. The adaptation of sport performance principles to the business environment is becoming greater in demand. We have among our resources occupational psychologists who are also sport psychologists who can very effectively provide the necessary conduit between organisational need and human performance.

Life coaching and personal development we integrate into our practice, but potential clients looking for a new perspective to their lives, but which might also have health, exercise and social contact elements would find investment in our services bring health dividends.


  • Camilla Henderson (Berkshire) Specialist areas include equestrianism (eventing and racing), tennis, and injury rehabilitation.

"Planning is everything” Eric Cantona
"Life-style is 50% of performance”

Arsen Wengen