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 Winning is fun



“So little is required to be successful in sport. It’s certainly mostly a matter of psychology and in the end it’s that psychological difference that decides whether you win or lose”

Sven Goran-Eriksson




Phil Johnson ( Ex Bolton Wanderers FC. B.Sc; Chartered Sport & Exercise Psychologist & FA Accredited. CQSW. Qualified in social work and counselling, life coaching and EUFA Level 2 Football Coach. Lecturer in mental health law and 20 years experience in NHS psychiatric services and Mental Health Act Trainer. Sport Psychology practice working in professional football. SP @Sporting Chance Clinic working with addiction and lifestyle problems. Background in psychotherapy and systemic family therapy and detailed knowledge of severe mental health problems and their treatment.

In the last five years Phil has developed experience and interventions specifically for equestrian sport, working in one and three day eventing, specialist dressage, carriage driving, mounted games, and show jumping. Sport trauma is far from unusual amongst equestrians, and both Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD, and Sport Trauma (small 't' trauma) are evident, creating common presentations such as competition anxiety, 'choking', and full PTSD as a result of falls, especially rotational falls. The introduction of Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing EMDR, and Brain Spotting, to an already successful deep imagery and somatic (physical) experience approach, enables significant recovery from these events and presentations.

Interventions are offered by Skype.

Camilla Henderson B.Sc, M.Sc is Sport Psychologist in training.

Camilla has completed four years of study and research in psychology and sport and exercise psychology. She is an elite equestrian having represented Great Britain at U-16 and U-18 level for Eventing. Currently an amateur racing jockey, she has a great deal of experience in the eventing and racing world, and able to work with equestrians with performance issues.



"Planning is everything” Eric Cantona
"Life-style is 50% of performance”

Arsen Wengen