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 Winning is fun


 Winning is fun

 Winning is fun

 Winning is fun

Phil Johnson


“So little is required to be successful in sport. It’s certainly mostly a matter of psychology and in the end it’s that psychological difference that decides whether you win or lose” Sven Goran-Eriksson

Coaching Psychology

Sport & Exercise Psychologist Phil Johnson B.Sc; Dip Psych; C. Psychol; Dip Psychol Football, Fellow Higher Educ

Phil is one of the first 120 Chartered Sport & Exercise Psychologists in the UK and one of 12 FA Approved Sport Psychologists. A UEFA level 2 football coach and ex Bolton Wanderers FC player, he is rare in the level of experience he brings to the field, literally and metaphorically. Qualified in social work and a specialist in mental health he has worked with professional footballers at the Tony Adam’s Sporting Chance Clinic, where the focus is on recovering from addiction and life-style problems. A part-time lecturer in sport and exercise science Phil is able to bring his psychotherapy and group working skills to teams, coaches and elite athletes whatever their sport or context. Integrating psychological thinking with robust nutritional and exercise science; players and teams have felt the difference in their own health, well-being and winning performance. As an entrepreneur he has worked in both the ski and equestrian industries and has ‘coached’ ‘performance’ to businesses in the music, film, banking and IT sectors.

SPECIALIST AREAS “I believe I’m a great observer, a key skill for any psychologist. I can detect a great deal from body posture, facial expression and how well people develop ‘rapport’; their ability to communicate.” Probably the most difficult skill is listening, especially for people with a lot to say! Trust is central to any successful relationship and my practice is governed by the Code of Conduct of the British Psychological Society (BPS).

" When Phil came to the club we hadn't won a game for 8 weeks. His presence and ease of manner helped the playing squad and coaching team accepted him readily." "He surprised us in raising awareness of the taken for granted things, especially how we communicated." " The players felt supported through difficult times and he helped them believe that their efforts would bring results...and they did!" PAUL WANLESS (Forest Green; Oxford Utd; Cambridge Utd;)

I am a specialist in the use of imagery and studied it for five years before being accredited as a teacher in imagery. See my recent article “On Field Discipline” (coaching articles). I consider myself able to understand the root cause of a problem quickly. Once identified, I can then set a strategy in place to deal with it, short-term and long-term. The pace of life today often leaves us little time to reflect, when it is often the very thing we need to do. However, reflecting with someone who will listen, is trustworthy and will give honest feedback is really the way to achieve growth and development. That’s what psychologists do well, especially in the performance context, where self-belief is crucial.

SPECIALIST SPORTS Football is my main sport and one where I can be psychologist, coach, mentor, observer from players to coaches, manager and Board, giving an holistic approach. Skiing is much more the athlete and the mountain, the skis the snow, whilst equestrianism the rider/horse relationship is stronger than many athletes have with their coaches! Golf has such a universal need for reflection and overtakes many people’s live’s, such is the drive to do well! CONTACT I’m based in the south-west of England, but access all areas. Contact me for a range of psychological issues in sport or in life:

"Planning is everything” Eric Cantona
"Life-style is 50% of performance” Arsen Wengen